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This is the Books & Things to Buy page of the Functional Spirituality website. On the menu at the left you will see various topics that can be clicked on. The link takes you to a designated page for that topic.
Manifestation & Mind Mastery with Dov Baron – Dov Baron is a leading expert on manifestation and also on mastering your mind through identifying and changing your beliefs.
Explorations in Consciousness with Bob Monroe – Bob Monroe was the founder of The Monroe Institute and was a pioneer in the study of brainwave technology and its effect on human consciousness and development.
Christian Mysticism with Joel S. Goldsmith – Joel Goldsmith was a Christian Mystic and the founder of The Infinite Way who espoused the belief that meditation and recognizing God’s presence in this moment was the pathway to long lasting peace.
Kabbalah Studies – Kabbalah is an ancient study of the relationship between God and the physical, human world.
Lakota Wisdom with Joseph Marshall III – Joseph Marshall is a leading proponent of the oral traditions of the Lakota people.
Past Life Regression with Brian L. Weiss – Brian Weiss is a leading practitioner of Past Life Regression Therapy and its uses for healing emotional blocks caused by repressed memories.
More Spirituality – This page features titles from great authors such as Anodea Judith and Cyndi Dale.

More Spiritual Titles from Hay House – This page features titles from the publisher Hay House presenting such authors as Wayne Dyer and Louise Hay.

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