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Robert Monroe
Robert Monroe
When I was working at the spiritual book and audio publisher, Sounds True, we had the good fortune of having authors give presentations to the whole company on occasion. I had heard several authors that were mildly interesting but no one who was providing the path to the path. One day, we had Dr. Steven Gurgevich give us a guided meditation. He guided us on a visual journey of ancient Greece to see one of the early doctors. I don’t remember the detail of the journey but the thing I did notice was astounding. I realized that while Dr. Gurgevich was speaking, I was gone. I was so absorbed in the story he was telling that I lost the concept of where I was and what I was doing. I also had no concept of time in the sense that the session could have been ten minutes long or three hours. I had no way to tell. It turned out to be around 20 – 25 minutes. Dr. Gurgevich explained that we had achieved a hypnogogic or trance state. I had never felt this absorbed before other than an occasional daydream (which are hypnogogic states themselves). This was important to me because my friend Anthony had been urging me to try a series of brainwave CDs that also achieved this trance state. I had resisted before but now that I knew what it was like to be in an altered state of consciousness (and that it was safe) I was eager to try them. This initial experience made me wonder what else is out there.
The CDs were from a place called The Monroe Institute. I had never heard of them but was intrigued because the program consisted of six sets of CDs called Waves. Each Wave had three CDs. The Monroe Institute was founded by consciousness pioneer Robert Monroe. Monroe had written a fairly famous book on out-of-body (OBE) experiences called Journeys Out of the Body. It detailed the many OBEs he had undertaken. At first, he had no control over them but eventually could produce a trance-state where he would “leave” his body. He was careful to point out that his physical body did not go anywhere but his non-physical or energy body did. Monroe even went to various scientific researchers to see what might be “wrong” with him. This journey, this quest for knowledge, led him to create his own research institute, and The Monroe Institute was born.
Robert Monroe began using binaural beat sounds to create a hypnogogic state. The “beat” is created by a sound being played in one ear and a different sound played in the other ear. The brain then turns this into a third sound, the binaural beat. Monroe was hoping to be able to reproduce the state of relaxation he experienced when having an OBE. The testing of this process showed that there were a number of people who were able to generate an OBE, where others only experience a deep hypnogogic state. This led to Monroe creating a progressive series of exercises where a person could go to various deep brainwave states known as Focus Levels. These are the basis for the Gateway Experience CDs. I began to listen to at least one exercise a day for nearly a year. I went in the order the exercises were presented the first time through and then began to go back to various exercises that particularly interested me.
The First Wave exercises are called Discovery. Robert Monroe voiced each exercise and gave specific instructions about what to do. The exercises begin with a simple binaural beat demonstration and basic relaxation. You then progress to exploring Focus 10, a trance-like state described as “mind awake, body asleep”. In this Wave, there are a couple of exercises where he asks you to either float away or roll over as if you were a log in water. These are clearly attempts to test the OBE state out. I never felt that I went anywhere but I did become introduced to my non-physical body. I could feel the energy all around me and it could move. It would move a little but mostly I felt a floating sensation.
One of the key techniques learned in these exercises is the “Gateway Affirmation”. It is a statement that you say in your mind; say to yourself, that states the belief that “I am more than my physical body”. It also introduces the belief that “I can perceive that which is greater than the physical world.” Robert Monroe had discovered that when students used the affirmation, it helped create a deeper and more fulfilling experience.
I found that being in Focus 10 was a definite gateway to discovering meditation. Not since the experience with Dr. Gurgevich, had I felt that I had gone so deep. There is an exercise that allows you to “free flow”. This is where you are given time to explore anything you want to. I began making journal entries for each exercise and would describe everything that I had experienced.
The Second Wave exercises are called Threshold. Here, we discover a new Focus Level, Focus 12, the state of expanded awareness. This Wave was critical for me because it was Focus 12 that really opened me up and I began to experience intuitive knowing. This means that I am able to get answers to questions or problems seemingly out of thin air. It is likely that I am accessing my Higher Self to “know” answers.
The exercises then become very practical in this Wave. They range from: Problem Solving, One Month Patterning (a great way to establish new habits by training your subconscious), to strong visualization techniques in Energy Bar Tool and Color Breathing. It is exciting stuff! To learn these energetic tools and to be able to use them was amazing. I also felt very sure of myself after these exercises because I knew that I had help for the day’s trials and tribulations.
The Third Wave exercises are called Freedom. The exercises are now more focused on movement with your energy or non-physical body. Once you are able to move your non-physical body, you are then instructed to attempt specific movements to gain confidence and feel safe. Some people feel their body actually lift up, where others describe that their consciousness moves. I tend to feel my consciousness move. It is more a change of perspective from the here and now to somewhere else. It is always important to journalize your experiences because many of them may seem “out there”.
This wave also introduces an exercise on Remote Viewing. This teaches you to “extend” your consciousness to objects physically separate and unknown from you and be able to describe them. I feel that this particular exercise helped me to increase my ability to intuitively know things. As with all of these exercises, the more you do it, the better you are able to perceive things and increase the intensity of the experience.
The Fourth Wave exercises are called Adventure. They re-introduce Focus 12 as the primary Focus Level for this Wave with Free Flow 12 and Compoint 12. I find the Free Flow exercises to be particularly valuable because you can carry your own intention and then receive information and realizations about the nature of your query. This Wave is also used for high-level subconscious programming in the exercises One Year Patterning and Five Messages.
The Fifth Wave exercises are called Exploring. Here we experience an Advanced Focus 12 which is described as a deeper state of expanded awareness. We also go to Focus 15 for the first time. Focus 15 is the state of no time. This level is ideal for developing intuition, creation and manifestation. In the Exploring Focus 15 (a Free Flow exercise) I like to use manifestation statements and have them “anchored” in this state. I find this to be one of the best uses of Monroe Institute technology. Another point of interest is that Laurie Monroe, daughter of Robert Monroe, now voices the exercises. She also voices the Sixth Wave exercises.
The Sixth Wave exercises are called Odyssey. As the name implies, we get to go on an adventure. The voyage we take is once again an Out-of-Body Experience (OBE) or (as I felt it) a “movement” of consciousness. We are able to travel to the edge of human existence (in a consciousness sense) and encounter our higher self and even other non-physical entities. This is accomplished by going to a new Focus Level, Focus 21, the “bridge to other states of expanded awareness”. I find Focus 21 to be particularly interesting because I always feel “out there”. By “out there” I mean that I am experiencing things beyond human physical existence. Anything feels possible there. It also feels that there is more to existence than the physical world we know and exist in. This gives me a great sense of peace. Peace that comes from knowing that we are connected to another dimension where we live on after death.
The 6 Waves of The Gateway Experience build upon each other and give you the ability to acquire new beliefs and to test new tools for daily use. I believe that the experiences I perceived and experienced doing this program have positively changed my outlook on life and also on death. We are quite fortunate to be able to live in a time where discovery such as this is available to anyone. Thank you, Bob!

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