By the time the steps become clear, there can be so much overwhelm and complication that it is impossible to execute them with ease.

Sometimes, the steps towards a successful and healthy business never become clear.


Take the fast track


A great consultant offers you systems, mindset and pathways to help you avoid the backward steps.

A great mentor helps you to refine your goal, and holds an expanded view of the abundance, efficiency and ease that is truly possible.



Ava Irani

Ava first came into contact with physical asana and became an avid practitioner in 2008, while studying media, communications and philosophy at USYD. 

She started attending long form spiritual retreat in 2011 in Australia, Thailand and India. After over 1000 hours of yoga teacher training and countless retreats and study programs, she began guiding silent retreat in Australia and abroad in 2015. In 2016 she opened her studio Spanda School in South Fremantle, and since has taken 100’s of meditators into the deep silence and truth of the Heart, in both intensive and long-form study retreats.

In 2020, she has launched her new program and podcast called “Functional Spirituality”, aimed at integrating profound yogic experience into daily living. She lives in Hamilton Hill near Fremantle with her Fiancé Jarred of Kommunity Brew, and their pet Honey. Ava brings a grounded approach to deep spiritual practice so students can find meaningful transformation and awareness quickly.