Are you looking to transform daily life with meditation, spirituality and a greater nervous system capacity?

Learn the entire 3-part Philosophy of Functional Spirituality in our online retreat.

The promise

Spiritual practice promises us health, wealth, abundance and connections.

It is important that our practice DOES deliver the results we need and desire.

Because all too often,


What is the Functional Spirituality retreat...

TFSR is a unique online study journey to learn the entire 3 part method of Functional Spirituality. You will learn the root philosophy and the tools of each: Healing, Cultivating and Awakening. It is a meta approach; looking at what elements work best, which are necessary and how to avoid the pitfalls, on your chosen path.

Supported by mentor Ava Irani, you will enter a world of profound wisdom,

Interesting, deeper and motivating trainings at your fingertips.

You will gain a rare and profound perspective that will take your practice further, faster. Because both speed and depth are important on our path.

Quantum leaps in our evolution ARE possible.

But it is NOT through a special technique or teacher.

It is through the right understanding of how to use the techniques and teachings.


Our spiritual systems can be dysfunctional...

Some elements work, but others are nonsense, adopted from another context; it can take years before we realise we are going in circles.

This is not being taught anywhere else.

"When I look at Eckhart, Mooji, Deepak, or even my favourites like Tara Brach or Adyashanti, they are missing the essential distinction of a Functional Spiritual practice…

To, actually, change your life, you need to consider 3 different elements of Spiritual development" ~ Ava Irani

Join 100's of students who have used Functional Spirituality to transform their lives.

Your course will cover the 3-part method with a library of teachings and practices, that grows as you do.

A unique video program with Ava informed by adult learning principles

The ROOT techniques and philosophies of the 3-part method:

Deconditioning/ healing, Cultivating and Awakening

Accountability and support, as well as email access to Ava for mentoring

Training for how to schedule, boundary and organize life situations

Full meditation training for the foundations of functional meditation

An on-demand library of yoga & embodiment classes w/ Ava

Half-price live-stream studio yoga passes to deepen your home routine

The Functional Spirituality Retreat includes:

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8 x $385 payments


one payment of $2999



ava irani

Lead teacher

Hi :)

I'm Ava. You might know me from classes at our Fremantle-based yoga, Spanda School, or tuned in through my podcast Functional Spirituality. Or, maybe you've joined one of my many retreats in somewhere special around the world...

My spiritual path started with a hungry passion for awakening and non-dual liberation. However, after 15+ years of devouring spiritual practices, my path has matured and clarified. I now have my own deep and wide experience with the tools, and a discerning approach with an aim for effectiveness.

I believe that we don't just want the benefits of our practice, we live in a time where we desperately need them and there is so much fulfilment and prosperity on offer, as well as trauma and dysfunction.

My love of philosophy deepened in 2008 with a degree from University of Sydney, but has since developed through extensive trainings with Agama, Hridaya, Paul Muller-Ortega (Blue throat yoga), NARM (complex trauma), Cecily Milne (yoga detour) to name a few...

Ava is predominantly known for her thriving yoga studio, silent retreats and the unique, skilled teachers that emerge from her yoga and trauma-informed certifications. She lives in beautiful Western Australia with her husband Jarred of Kommunity brew, baby Jasmine and their fur-child Honey.

leading edge


unparalleled value

Effortless learning options

✔ 3 Part method of HEALING

✔ The biology of suffering

✔ Principles of being Trauma-informed

✔ How to enter an upward spiral of healing

✔ Self-reflection, awareness and healing tools

✔ The R.A.I.N. and embodiment techniques

✔ A Functional approach to Manifesting, Desire Mapping and time-management

✔ Enlightenment and the 3-part method

✔ Yogic tools for awakening and enlightenment

✔ Hridaya meditation & Stillness

Months of silent retreat, 100K of trainings and 15 years of meditation experience polished and organized into videos (or audio podcasts)

You have access to this course for 2 years to fully learn and practice this system to change the course of your life…

This is the ultimate shortcut to the deep and successful transformation of spiritual practice.

Ingest the material your favourite way - audio, video, phone, computer, you can even store the material in your notes!

You have access to the program for 2 years, with bonuses and upgrades planned along the way to keep motivation high for this challenging but profoundly rewarding work of Functional Spirituality.


Are you ready for a refreshingly resonant teaching, that transforms your inner world every time you tune in?

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