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Hi Everyone!
My name is Brian Montgomery. I am your host here at Functional Spirituality. It is my intent to provide you with strategies, commentaries, and resources on how to begin your path to spiritual growth and personal development.
Just what is Functional Spirituality? I use this phrase because I feel that there are a lot of approaches to spiritual growth but rarely do you find one that is practical enough to stick with. I feel that there is a lot of emphasis in spiritual literature on finding the “one path” to enlightenment. It is my belief that you will benefit from realizing that what you should be looking for is a “path to the path.” This incremental approach is less intimidating and allows for each person’s growth to determine where to go next. You might even feel like you are progressing!
To see where I started go to the Pathfinders section.  It shows who I am currently working with and also who I have been guided by in the past.
I also believe in combining personal development with spiritual development. Both disciplines require you to go deep within yourself and become aware of your authentic self and your unique value. I feel that the best of personal development is spiritually rooted and the best of spiritual development has roots in personal development.
I am excited that you are visiting this website! I expect you will find it useful and stimulating.
With Gratitude,
Brian Montgomery

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