Students in reclined butterfly Yin yoga pose

Thursdays 6 pm - 7pm

A weekly restorative and healing session for your physical, emotional and mental health

 Restorative Stretches – To release sore or tired body parts

✔ Relaxation techniques – Conditioning a blissful and pleasant state in mind and body

✔ Meditation – The easiest tools to ground you in the present

Please bring:


Comfy clothes

1-3 pillows (or a cushion and a bolster)

1 blanket

If possible

A mat and other yoga props you like

$20 casual

$180 10 class pass

$85 5 consecutive classes

$160 10 consecutive classes

No booking required

*Discounted passes / concessions available

Bank transfer to:

Spanda School

BSB 036157

Account number 587713



My name is Ava and I am the creator of Functional Spirituality. Let me be honest - the mission of this platform has risen out of a journey of struggle. I've struggled with life, relationships, my body, my emotions, my mind... I've struggled with my spiritual practice, my ambitions and my goals.

I've struggled with struggle and struggled with peace.

I've lived with blessings and with curses. Almost my entire life I have lived with a traumatic compulsion of needing to get ahead, be the best, do the most, achieve the highest. In some ways that has been a blessing, as it has lead me to produce the body of work that you now hold before you. And it has blessed my life with profound experiences of love, beauty and connection that a functional spiritual practice inevitably bestows.

The material you will find here is born out of a pure intention to share my findings about the unnecessary aspects of struggle and pain, and the most breathtaking portals into beauty, love, peace and joy.

I look forward to learning about your unique journey and to share this path together.

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