Receive personalised support from Ava in a 1 hour coaching and guidance session on Zoom. All sessions end organically as needed, not by time limit. *In-person sessions can be arranged.

In these sessions, Ava will skilfully hold a space for you to identify obstacles and set up a clear plan forward to bring more peace, clarity and strength to your path.

You will fill out a questionnaire before each session.

Sessions might include embodiment, meditation, training, homework and other tools as Ava sees fit.

1:1 Mentoring with Ava


Who is mentoring for?

Small packages and 1:1 sessions with Ava are great for focusing on one specific issue and to bring clarity around your next steps.

For guidance, integration and a holistic transformation, please see the mentorship program here, or reach out via the contact form.

1 off session

3 sessions

$148 aud

$420 aud



How to book


My name is Ava and I am the creator of Functional Spirituality and director of the Fremantle-based yoga studio ‘Spanda School’. My deepest passions are embodied movement, therapeutic sensuality and inquiry into the mystical nature of ‘Being’.

My journey started with the fervent passion for awakening and non-dual liberation. However over the years my path has matured with a more functional approach that considers the wide-spread complex trauma that lies at the heart of almost every obstacle to happy, healthy and connected living.

The material you will find in my 1:1 mentoring is born out of a pure intention to share my findings about the unnecessary aspects of struggle and pain, and the most breathtaking portals into beauty, love, peace and joy.

I have trained with Paul Muller-Ortega (Blue throat yoga), NARM (complex trauma), Cecily Milne (yoga detour) to name a few.

I look forward to learning about your unique journey and to share this path together.

x Ava

Mentor Inquiry

To book a session, press the purchase button and then fill out the initial questionnaire which includes a link to schedule a meeting. If you have questions, reach out below.

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