Episode #131 what is an AWAKE teacher?

In this episode:

Ava unpacks the confusion around what an awake teacher even means.

Living on the surface of our language and concepts doesn’t serve us.
We need to be willing to think deeper, not to jump to conclusions or live in assumptions.
That’s exactly what a functional approach to spirituality should be.

chapter markers:

00:30 Introduction

01:24 What is an awake teacher?

03:51 Why I avoid the term awake

07:06 My problem with these terms

09:31 The problem is not the explanations

10:09 The rationalisation of inappropriate behaviour

12:03 Can’t I just loosen up?
13:12 Healthy skepticism

14:38 Why are people doing this

15:42 Is it wrong to praise teachers?
18:09 Conclusion

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