safe, embodied and grounded spaces.

An 8 month journey to drastically improve your facilitation, work and business.

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    feel energized, confident and competent in your work


    Become a part of the solution.

    Take a unique 8 month healing and study journey that will improve your business and skills.

    The Therapeutic Embodiment Facilitator Training (TEFT) is designed to overcome an era of burnt out healers and therapists with a leading edge framework and tools, and a personal healing journey.

    Over 8 months, in an intimate container with Ava, you will receive:

    ❃  Twice-monthly Therapeutic Embodiment sessions

    ❃  Monthly Group trainings

    ❃  A spacious and curated study and mentoring program

    The TEFT will revolutionise your healing practice, personally and professionally.

    The result: 

    💫 Clarifying your service and impact.
    💫 Healing your capacity and confidence.
    💫 Direct, heart -connection to yourself and others

    The spaces you hold will be safe, transformational and optimised.

    TEFT amplifies and simplifies healing spaces

    Through a spacious study program, you won't just learn more tools, you will embody a new framework. You will know exactly how, and be able to teach:

    1) How trauma gets held in the body and how it is accessed and resolved through somatics

    2) How contemplation and movement can create Therapeutic Embodiment

    3) The key steps to optimise your existing tools

    4) The most direct way to heal from burn out and increase your capacity

    5) How to hold Therapeutic Embodiment sessions and incorporate it into existing offerings

    Step 1: Heal yourself

    You've been on a healing journey for years now.

    To be honest, you have more tools than you know what to do with.

    Your mind longs for something that clearly "works".

    Your body longs for confidence that you can navigate life's challenges.

    No matter how many tools you have learnt, you will not be able to increase your capacity in the old paradigm of healing.

    Healing modalities without psychoeducation create hopelessness...

    The hardest emotion a human being can face.

    Its time to learn exactly how safety and slowness provoke the bodies healing of chronic stress and complex trauma.

    What is Therapeutic Embodiment?

    Therapeutic Embodiment is a framework to help you integrate functional somatics and spiritual inquiry into any modality.

    TE also works as a standalone modality that is effective in 1:1 or group sessions.

    It deepens your personal practice so you can hold better spaces, and will be woven through your existing modalities so you can feel more confident in your business and work.


    1. Click the "Apply now" Button to clarify your intention
    2. 1:1 Onboarding and coaching call with Ava
    3. Start watching online videos, study, and meet your group
    4. Join monthly Saturday Live trainings (starting May 25th)
    5. Join monthly 1hr TE sessions
    6. Enjoy weekly live-stream or pre-recorded healing sessions
    7. Book 1:1 support calls with Ava and/or support coaches
    8. Submit written reflections
    9. Conduct & receive 1:1 facilitation calls
    10. Receive certificate and hold incredible spaces



    Your training program includes (10) 2.5hour live trainings with Ava


    We start on May 25th with a bonus group ritual to start our journey together;

    Finding alignment, deeper purpose, self-connection and rest.

    Module 1

    Module 3

    Module 2

    The FS 3 Steps to healing.

    Applying the new paradigm of healing to being a trauma- informed helping professional.

    The fundamental nervous system imbalance.

    Step 1: Psychoeducation

    The biological experiences of suffering, capacity, frameworks and content.

    Complex trauma and the Spiral effect.

    Cultivating and healing.

    Attunement and self-reflection practices for a functional approach the boundary setting, self-care and relationship.

    Module 4

    Module 5

    Module 6

    Completing the energy.

    Somatic psychology, bottom up approaches and how movement and fascia contribute to nervous system regulation.

    7 elements of the TE practice.

    The foundations of therapeutic movement and embodiment.

    Non-dual Awakening and healing.

    How "Being" and our stillness essence core bring presence, love and embodiment to healing spaces.

    Business and professional development modules

    Module 7

    Module 9

    Module 8

    Facilitating a somatic practice.

    Templates, cueing, guidelines and anatomy for 10 restorative postures.

    A Functional Spirituality approach to business planning, networking, offering creation and strategy.

    Refining your offering of a TE session for online and in person, group and 1:1 spaces.

    These Live trainings will flow alongside:

    12 Live Therapeutic Embodiment sessions

    8 months of self-paced meditation and somatics modules

    Over 8 months from May - December.

    Hear from our alumni


    For professional development

    This course is for therapists, healers, coaches, yoga instructors and facilitators of group and 1:1 spaces. You will learn the Therapeutic Embodiment 3 part HEALING framework, as well as how to facilitate the TE modality in sessions.

    For the full orientation pack, contact us here.

    Are you looking for the Therapeutic embodiment




    mentoring and community

    leading edge


    Support, training and sessions directly from Ava, and a heart-felt connection with a soul community for a life-time.

    Unlike any other training course you will find.

    The vast fields of complex trauma and spirituality distilled into a functional somatic and meditation facilitation training.

    Over 1000 students have passed through our certificate trainings, courses and retreats.

    Payment details

    Full price: $3999.

    Are you ready to join a community, gain a mentor and invigorate your offering?

    You can access 1:1 coaching and the incredible course material from April 1st.

    PAY in Full


    one payment of $3999

    8 monthly payments

    of $527.75

    ava irani

    Lead teacher

    Ava is the director of Functional Spirituality and the popular yoga and meditation centre Spanda School. She is a philosopher with a degree from the University of Sydney, retreat leader, business owner and somatic therapist. Her deepest passions are non-dual philosophies, community healing and looking at the impacts of spirituality.

    Ava's path started with a ferver for awakening and non-duality. However over the years her path has matured with a more functional approach. Her work now considers the wide-spread complex trauma that lies at the heart of almost every obstacle to happy, healthy and connected living, and marries profound mystical approaches with nervous system regulation.

    She has trained with Paul Muller-Ortega (Blue throat yoga), NARM (complex trauma), Cecily Milne (yoga detour) to name a few.

    Ava is predominantly known for her thriving yoga studio, silent retreats and the phenomenal teachers that emerge from her yoga and trauma-informed certifications. She lives in beautiful Western Australia with her family and animals.


    Interested in the Therapeutic Embodiment facilitator training?


    Our short questionnaire will help you to reflect on and clarify your next steps to having a thriving business, being an excellent facilitator, and making deep change within your clients.