Learn how to teach and share Yin Yoga in a trauma-informed way.

Yin Yoga is one of the simplest and most effective ways to experience relaxation, balance and inner-peace.

This in turn helps to restore our lifestyles, relationships, emotions, body and mind.

The 40-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training is delivered through both i) in-person studio sessions at Shala, Bunbury, and ii) online modules for you to complete in your own time.

This training is designed with optimal learning and integration in mind by Ava Irani who has delivered well over 2000 hours of teacher training.

In person dates

At Shala in Bunbury

3/2B Victoria St, Bunbury WA 6230

Saturday 19th October: 12-5pm

Sunday 3rd November: 10am - 3pm

Sunday 24th November: 10am - 3pm

Saturday 30th November: 12-5pm

~ FREE Yin Yoga immersion and YYTT Q&A with Ava ~

Sunday June 23rd: 10-11:30am

Sunday October 6th: 10-11:30am

For the full orientation pack, email us functionalspiritualityretreat@gmail.com

What is Yin Yoga?

Yin yoga balances our stressful, yang lifestyles.

It provides the key to joyful, easier meditations, a deeper connection to the present moment and healing complex trauma.

This restorative practice applies a healthy stress to the target connective tissues, providing a deep regeneration of the organs and systems they support.

Yin Yoga is accessible for beginners and provides something deep and meaningful to advanced practitioners.

Get WAY more out of your yoga practice. Learn the foundations of how it works.

The principles you will learn in this course will take you on your own personal healing and self-discovery journey. Ready to dive in?

Meditation skills and guiding the practice

History of yoga and spiritual practices

Anatomy for yoga instructors

Psycho-education of complex trauma

Healing the nervous system through mind and body approaches

Fascia, stress and the optimal edge for practice

Somatic approaches to healing

Holding effective and trauma informed spaces

Structuring a yoga class and creating functional offerings

Pregnancy, injuries and special considerations

25 Yin Yoga Postures

Study handbook and manual for cueing postures and meditation


mentoring and community

leading edge


Support directly from Ava, opportunities to practice teach in Studio and connection with a soul-community for a life-time.

Unlike any other training course you will find.

The vast fields of complex trauma and spirituality distilled into a functional Yin and meditation that you can get more out of,

and teach.

40 hour Level 1 Teaching Certificate.

Plus level 2 - 70 hour and 100 hour Certificate available.

Sign up and get started with the first online module.

pay in full

one payment of $1480

payment plan:

4 monthly payments

of $395

ava irani

Lead teacher

Ava is the director of Functional Spirituality and the Fremantle-based yoga studio Spanda School. Her deepest passions are embodied movement, therapeutic sensuality and inquiry into the mystical nature of ‘Being’. Her yoga journey started in 2008 when she tasted her first, sweet savasana at the end of a 90 minute hot yoga class.

Ava's spiritual path started with the fervent passion for awakening and non-dual liberation. However over the years her path has matured with a more functional approach. Her work now considers the wide-spread complex trauma that lies at the heart of almost every obstacle to happy, healthy and connected living, and marries profound mystical approaches with nervous system regulation. She has trained with Paul Muller-Ortega (Blue throat yoga), NARM (complex trauma), Cecily Milne (yoga detour) to name a few.

Ava is predominantly known for her thriving yoga studio, silent retreats and the phenomenal teachers that emerge from her yoga and trauma-informed certifications. She lives in beautiful Western Australia with her husband Jarred of Kommunity brew, baby Jasmine and their fur-child Honey.

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