Free Workshop Series coming in January 2023

Join Ava in TWO new free workshops:

Workshop 1: How to be a leader in the New paradigm of healing

January 30th, 12noon - 12:50pm

Workshop 2: How to clear negative energy

January 31st, 12noon - 12:50pm

“Ava shares clear, embodied wisdom that helps to motivate me to make changes.”

Joelle McNeil, PhD student.

✏️ Address the root cause of physical, emotional and relational dysregulation

✨ Create a unique healing path that makes sense to you and creates consistency

✏️ The key ingredients of healing energy that are often missing

✨ Bring the deep joy from connecting knowledge that is clear and helpful

You will also learn about:

🔨 What is healing energy?

🔨 Who is a healer?

🔨 How unresolved material gets in our nervous system

🔨 and… How to be trauma-informed in both work and personal spaces

Create change that is joyful and sustains you, not drains you.

Whether you are a teacher, coach,  parent or work in a team, these workshops will bring clarity and transformation to your mind and behaviors.

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Free Workshop 1:

How to be a leader in the New paradigm of healing

January 30th

12noon - 12:50pm

Free Workshop 2:

How to clear negative energy

January 31st

12noon - 12:50pm

✨ Grow into the best version

of yourself

✨ Navigate the challenging obstacles that can make us feel stuck or helpless

✨ Thrive emotionally, physically and relationally.

✨ Have the necessary tools to help others.

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Join us for one or both of these LIVE trainings.

*Live is best! You will be held accountable and receive benefits of the group field.

**Zoom replay available for 5 days following.

“I offered healing work for 8 years before burning out with a severe mental health crisis. The journey out of that dark place brought clarity to so many ingredients that were missing in my offerings, that I never learned from my YTT’s or teachers. Through studying the intersection of spirituality and trauma, I now embody a healing energy in both my personal and professional spaces that is effortless and FUELS me with energy.”

Ava Irani, teacher.