Dear passionate healers,

You are missing something very important.

the New paradigm of healing

"I have come out the other side; my heart overflowing with loving-inspiration, my mind full of perspective, my belly burning with a fiery passion and a deeper understanding of self."

~ Ruby Carrabus

Create meaningful change

in yourself and in the world,

with joy and ease.


✏ Why we sometimes burn out when healing ourselves

✏ The KEY to your own unique healing path

✏ The KEY to a healing practice

✏ Why communities, leaders and healers end up burnt out

The ingredients for embodied, sustainable healing spaces

✏ The root of physical, emotional and relational dysregulation

✏ How to create more consistency with knowledge that is clear and helpful

✏ How to be trauma-informed in both work and personal spaces

There is a NEW WAY of healing, relating and holding spaces.

We will replace the old, dogmatic, unsustainable paradigm of healing that burns out our community...

We will explore how to deepen our presence in both personal and professional spheres.

Facilitators, parents, teachers, healers, helping professionals will rise

in the new paradigm of healing.

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“I offered healing work for 8 years before burning out with a mental health crisis. The journey out of that dark place brought clarity to so many ingredients that were missing in my offerings... how my spiritual practice was managing my trauma - not resolving it.

Through studying the intersection of spirituality and trauma, and resolving my complex trauma, I can see what I never learned from my YTT’s or teachers.

I now enjoy healing energy in both my personal and professional spaces that is effortless and FUELS me with energy... instead of exhausting me."

Ava Irani, teacher.

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✨ Grow into the best version

of yourself

✨ Navigate the challenging obstacles that can make us feel stuck or helpless

✨ Thrive emotionally, physically and relationally.

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