Reflecting on the year

in this podcast episode:

Ava shares how to connect to the year that’s past and the year to come Using three simple steps.

This is a busy time of year for many of us, there’s so many things we have to do and so many things we need to do when it comes to taking care of ourselves and continuing our self-development journey. During this period, reflection is key.

You don’t just set a goal and hope you get there. You have to take time to really contemplate what actions are needed to help you achieve your goal. In this week’s episode, learn how to support yourself with structure and planning.

Ava shares how to connect to the year that’s past and the year to come. Using these three simple steps.

1. Review the year

2. Reflect on the year

3. Dream into the future / forward reflection


Silent retreat reflection: 00:30

The momentum of this time of year: 01:00

Review the year: 03:55

Reflect on the year: 05:00

Forward reflection: 06:00

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