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Interested in meditation but can't seem to find a doorway in?

It’s more important than ever to ground.

Even when people do practice regularly, it doesn’t always lead to the results!

Start Meditation breaks down the ultimate keys for meditation in the simplest way possible. With expert support and step-by-step guidance, you will experience meditation in your daily life.

When you feel inspired and clear on the instruction, motivation naturally increases.

Connect to the sweetness of life

Learn meditation to connect to the most fundamental level of your existence.

Without a practice that nourishes you, we fall prey to the downward spirals of life...

Stress, anxiety and depression

Feeling lost, alone or empty

Feeling stuck in life, work and relationships

Repeating unhelpful patterns of behaviour...

It is more important than ever to cultivate a practice that supports you to reach your highest potential.

What is the Start Meditation Course?

Start Meditation is a step-by-step course delivered through a 21-day experience. Like any spiritual commitment, you will go on a journey of self-discovery, connection and growth.

Getting in touch with who you are isn't just a step on your path, it is the goal as well. It needs to be easy, simple and daily.

A meditation practice will help you to find balance in your life between relaxation and effort. It also offers the deep joy and satisfaction that we can hold in the changing experiences and environments on the outside.

Start meditation today

Wherever you are in your practice, we look forward to supporting you to deepen, understand and connect.

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The meditations in this course are downloadable and yours to enjoy and support you in your meditation journey.

Join the Functional Spirituality Facebook Group for connection with a like-minded community. In this group you will have access to a FREE guided meditations.

With this course receive a bonus in-depth training on Boundaries for Alignment to support you to integrate meditation into your mindset.

We offer a low-income earner pricing option for genuine low income earners. If you think this is you please complete the linked Application Form and you will be notified if you meet the criteria with payment instructions to follow.

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ava irani

Lead teacher

Ava is the director of Functional Spirituality and the Fremantle-based yoga studio Spanda School. Her deepest passions are embodied movement, therapeutic sensuality and inquiry into the mystical nature of ‘Being’. Her yoga journey started in 2008 when she tasted her first, sweet savasana at the end of a 90 minute hot yoga class.

Ava's spiritual path started with the fervent passion for awakening and non-dual liberation. However over the years her path has matured with a more functional approach. Her work now considers the wide-spread complex trauma that lies at the heart of almost every obstacle to happy, healthy and connected living, and marries profound mystical approaches with nervous system regulation. She has trained with Paul Muller-Ortega (Blue throat yoga), NARM (complex trauma), Cecily Milne (yoga detour) to name a few.

Ava is predominantly known for her thriving yoga studio, silent retreats and the phenomenal teachers that emerge from her yoga and trauma-informed certifications. She lives in beautiful Western Australia with her husband Jarred of Kommunity brew, baby Jasmine and their fur-child Honey.

Commit to yourself and receive the benefits of meditation

We are here to hold space for this next stage in your self-care.

Enrol now for a$189


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