Triggered in a conversation

in this podcast episode:

Ava answers three following questions:

`1. How can I stay present in the moment?

2. How do I develop the intelligence to consider different dynamics that are at play?

3. How do I cultivate the freedom to act in alignment with these intentions?

Most conversations start off harmless and yet they have the potential to transform into arguments or debates. This is what it feels like to be triggered and when we put up our defences. The walls we construct feel tight, constricted, chaotic, and most of all not very nice.

What can we do when this happens?

chapter markers

Check-in and catch up with Ava [00:00]

Introduction into podcast topic [02:00]

Reflecting on past conversations [05:55]

What are your options during a triggering conversation? [07:00]

Conclusion [14:20]

Start Meditation course [15:00]

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