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Wellness Update

About Ava's SIBO treatment

June 3rd, 2022

On my path of healing & seeking, I've injured myself many times.


About 4 years ago, I dedicated my life to understanding the pitfalls and setbacks that are pretty much embedded into spiritual and healing practices - just as in the society they are housed in.

I personally believe that my offerings and my own experiences can avoid unnecessary challenge, and its my duty as a facilitator to reduce harm and increase effectivity of everything I offer; that there’s enough challenge to play with in life.

And I DON’T believe that healing practices sometimes ‘need’ to injure or harm us, and then sugarcoat it as "lessons”.

Yet, I have never injured myself so quickly, acutely and physically as I did 6 weeks ago.

Early April, I started working with a practitioner to heal my SiBo (a gut health issue/ overgrowth. If you suffer complications w bloating and poor digestion, you should get tested for this. Very common, under-diagnosed belly issue).

Previously, I had tried protocols, naturopaths, GP’s, antibiotics & its

all just taken me in circles.

I guess if you try many things, odds increase something might work, but also that you might get hurt… I never thought of that before.​

What has happened to me over the past 4 weeks has been like an alternate universe.

In short, the protocol didn't do good, and ended up poisoning my system so severely that my digestive, nervous & immune system effectively shut down. As I continued attempting the ‘tried and true’ protocol (with breaks to try to get better) it pushed my body into further state of shock.

Unfortunately, the care I was under was highly confident to keep going, but ineffective and not informed on what was happening and how to repair. To be fair, the signs are hard to read when you’re in it, without being a specialist.​

The results:

4 weeks of extreme fatigue, nausea, headaches, feeling like I have food poisoning, and hectic weight loss.

I told you. It’s been crazy.

I'm now seeing a specialist who understands the harm that has been done and I finally have direction on how to repair.

The first day I felt better, I cried.

There’s so much more to share. What has been huge is how I've been "treated" by loved ones and community as they found out about my condition.​

It has been super insightful.


After a big hiatus, you can tune into Functional Spirituality podcast to listen in to all the details about:

⁃ How I got so sick, whats going on w/my gut and how I got blind sighted

⁃ What has been helpful vs. unhelpful from my community

I hope you can tune in, and I hope it supports you! click here to listen.

Love Ava

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