15 - 18TH mARCH 2024

Its more important than ever for you to make joy, presence and healing a priority.

In order for you to be truly present with your life and your loved ones, you need to acknowledge, relax and release the tensions that hold you back from living the more beautiful life your heart knows is possible.

What better place to do this than with gentle yoga, mindful enquiry, stillness, rest and inner connection?

Deconditioning Retreat

We offer the 3 – 4 day retreat in 2 formats: Deconditioning and Awakening.

3-day Deconditioning retreats are designed for beginners and advanced meditators alike. The focus is on rest and repair of the nervous system. We cover awakening topics and meditations, however the emphasis is on healing mind and body systems.

4-day Awakening retreats are designed for advanced meditators. Healing, rest and repair of the nervous system are always a part of retreats. However in the Awakening retreats, time is spent in longer meditations. You must have completed at least one retreat previously with Ava to join the Awakening retreat.

Deconditioning: More rest and guided meditations

Awakening: More stillness

Why Silence?

Silence gives us space. The nervous system unravels, without any effort, and we connect to our natural state of being.

The silent retreat is a delicious opportunity to take your meditation practice much deeper, in an incredible forest setting. This retreat brings both the gentle and strong parts of the practice together in a way that is simple yet profoundly effective.

Experience your transformation with a group of like-minded individuals in a  nurturing environment.

What to Expect

After your orientation on the first evening, you will not talk for the entire retreat until the end. You can communicate via notes to the facilitators, and everything is organised for you to flow from one rest-stop to the next. The daily sessions are held in a beautiful yoga hall.

You will not need to plan or worry about anything. Read the Guidelines carefully before applying.

The retreat is fully guided with yoga and meditation sessions perfectly spaced throughout the day.

Expect rich philosophy delivered in a meaningful and digestible way, a variety of meditation techniques presented and a deep sense of bliss and rest in your physical body.

You will leave with a fresh perspective on your life, as well as a connection to your Heart and the infinite Reality.


Arrive: Friday, March 15th by 5:30pm latest.
Leave: Monday, March 18th after 10am.

Booking Instructions


Camping: $999

Dorm: $1099

Private Bell tent: $1399

Includes: 3 nights accommodation, 3 day retreat & all meals


Step 1: Fill out an APPLICATION form, providing as much detail as possible.
Step 2: Secure booking with a PAYMENT through credit card or bank deposit.

═ CREDIT CARD: Use the green buttons to the right

═ BANK TRANSFER: Submit payment into the bank account below.

* REPEATERS: Receive $150 off (use the discount code for green buttons)

*SPANDA MEMBERS: Receive 10% off (use the discount code for green buttons)

Refund Policy: 50% refund, or 100% credit* can be granted for cancellations 30 days from start date.
*Credit to be re-allocated within 30 days of being granted.
**A $50 cancellation fee applies for credit or refunds.

Limited to 18 places.


Camping - payment plan

camping - full payment

Dorm - payment plan





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Retreat Venue

Shambala is nestled 120 acres of serene, quiet, nature filled forest. The property borders right onto the state forest of Bramley river and Canebreak pool. You will be nourished deeply in the venues Meeting House and the Yoga Shala, self-sufficient with rainwater and semi-off grid power, sustainably built on land designed on permaculture principles. See the retreat guidelines for more details about the accommodation options. 

Who Can Attend?

This retreat is suitable for beginners and advanced meditators alike. Everyone benefits from yoga, meditation, silence and nature. Please fill out the application form to get a better feel of the retreat and for us to evaluate if its the right time for you.

What Is Included?

All accommodation and food are included. Delicious, healthy and hearty, home cooked vegetarian meals will be served 3 times a day. Morning flow, evening Yin practices, silent sitting meditations supported by discourses and training from modern and traditional yoga technologies. Space limited to 20 participants.

Who Is Your Teacher?

Ava is the retreat leader and is supported by a retreat coordinator and guest teacher. She will also have her newborn baby staying on the property. Jasmine will stay with her father, away from the retreaters but present on the opening dinner and closing breakfast.

Ava has been running silent yoga and meditation retreat since 2013. She originally built up her following in Thailand and Singapore and in 2016 she opened up her centre in Australia. Since then, Ava has also run silent retreat in India, Bali and Greece.

Ava’s “yoga path” started at the age of 19 with an intense physical asana practice. However, it was only after doing her first silent retreats & teacher trainings in 2011, that she dedicated herself wholly to the path of personal development, evolution and spiritual connection.

Ava has a degree in Philosophy from the University of Sydney. She is considered as an academic with a thirst for spiritual knowledge, with an innate gift for teaching and a generous attitude that touches each of her students in a loving way. Your time spent with Ava will bring a new inspiration to your life!

Silent retreat yoga Margaret River communal table

Sample Retreat Schedule


“It’s hard to put into words how much the retreat changed my perspective, and how differently I feel now. You had a very profound effect on me, and for that I’m very, very grateful”

~ Matt

“I am so grateful. I don’t know what my life would have been without this retreat and constant wisdom being poured into me. These months have been crazy and this space has been really grounding and nurturing.

So thank you!!!.”


“I just returned from a 4 day silent meditation and yoga retreat, what an amazing experience! Words can’t describe the way Ava teaches food for the soul ”

~ Katia

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